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Finished up some works in progress. I’d say this is our catchiest song so far…

Tell A Story lyrics -

Your eyes tell a story
Forewords, bywords
For words can’t stop when
Thoughts flash images
Framed not forgotten

Tell a story

Your eyes tell a story
An afterword left after words
Stopped wishing dreams were real
A wayward rhyme will always find
A way to make us feel

Tell a story

Your eyes tell a story
Lips smile, the heart flies
Words tell me to believe
Truth will always lie
Between our eyes

Another song we’ve been working on for a while, decided it didn’t need more work after all…called it Perfection.


A Truman show delusion
Real life display of conceit
Action, die for the camera
Making a living on grief

A perfect peaceful world
Myth or reality
A comic mask obverse tragedy (CHORUS)
A perfect peaceful world
Turned out to be
Dreams masquerading as memory

Can imperfection learn any lesson
From the depth of what we defend
A maze of time and legend
Swallowed by an effigy wind

In the blink of an eye we missed
Everything that time forgot to foretell
Holding on to memories
Painted soft pastel


A shower from the heavens
Reflecting all the years
The mind’s eye drowning
In a flood of Smiling Tears

Is there a place for peaceful anarchy
In a polluted atmosphere
Trapped by comfortable ignorance
Controlling things that we fear

Seconds evolve into centuries
Tick tock ticking away (BRIDGE)
Ideology not answers
In the dawn of golden days


Perfectly tired of searching for perfect
Perfection is all I can find
Perfectly happy being imperfect
A perfect description tonight

It’s been a while, but good things come to those who wait. Thanks for your patience. Latest song, Beautiful Storm, featuring J.D. Magbee on additional guitar.

Beautiful Storm Lyrics -

Contact feeds defeat
Swallowed by fate and your deceit
Tempted with visions, whispered aloud
Passed by chance and always let down

Listen too closely
Nothing makes a sound
Thorns piercing my mind (CHORUS-A)
Are all I’ve found
When trust in truth is torn
Blame it on a beautiful storm

Beautiful storm (repeated)

Pillars passing through my thoughts
Tortured by all of the ashes that we’ve tossed
Slipping through fingers so stained
Rules keep changing when you’re a game

Dreaming of bridges that I’ve crossed
To fall in delusion, flailing and lost
Holes in the scars still remain
Sun broken shards, shadows of pain


A perfect stillness thundering
The id of every promise that remains
Inspiration will sense the unbound
Decades woven in webs become unwound

Now we both listen to
The echoes of a home
Many hints at heaven (CHORUS-B)
That we’ll never own
The sky beckons us
Climb aboard this beautiful storm

Beautiful storm (repeated)

Latest finished song


There are creation sparks in everyone
But I doubt they would want my address
With white lies
That sparked an unwanted success

Is the heart of temptation still beating
Are there more gods somewhere to create
Genes give belief
Begat deity
Ideologies christened by hate

Should we know any ultimate power
If we are gods send me to hell
Suspect divinity
Mixed with insanity
Be wary what they may foretell

If sparks lie waiting in any of us
Please light those in someone you love
Write a new anthem
Beyond religion
Stop waiting for help from above


On this day in music history: March 8, 1994 - “The Downward Spiral”, the second studio album by Nine Inch Nails is released. Produced by Trent Reznor and Flood, it is recorded at Le Pig in Beverly Hills, CA, The Record Plant in Los Angeles, CA, and A&M Studios in Hollywood, CA from Mid - Late 1993. Following Nine Inch Nails successful stint on the first Lollapalooza Tour in 1991, Trent Reznor will begin writing material NIN’s second full length release. Having gone through a long and ardous battle to extricate himself from his former label TVT Records as well as struggling with drug addiction, Reznor will channel his emotions and raw, aggressive energy of the band’s live performances into the new material. The follow up to the Double Platinum selling EP “Broken”, “Spiral” is a concept piece chronicling the “downward spiral” of a man, ending with his attempt at suicide. Part of the recording will take place in the home (10050 Cielo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA) that actress Sharon Tate and four others are murdered by the Manson Family in August of 1969. Not long after Reznor moves out of the residence, it will be demolished and a new home is built on the site. Reznor will keep the front door from the house as a souvenir. Spinning off two singles including “The March Of The Pigs” and “Closer”, it will be a commercial and artistic triumph, not only becoming Nine Inch Nails most successful release, but will also be regarded as a landmark Industrial Rock album. “The Downward Spiral” will debut at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 and is certified 4x Platinum by the RIAA.

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